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169 3rd Street

Tracy, MN 56175

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About Us

Meet the faces behind the name! 

Hi! We're Pam (wheels) and Tamm (heels) - sisters that started Scratch & Dent Wheels & Heels Appliance in the small town of Tracy, Minnesota.


We opened the store with the desire to help those in our community find a great deal on appliances without breaking the bank. We saw a gap in Tracy and the surrounding area with the lack of discounted goods that we really wanted to help fill. 

The store has grown in ways we couldn't have imagined - we now have semi-loads of appliances delivered at a time! We're constantly looking to keep our store full so we can meet all our customers appliance needs.


Our main goal will always be making sure our customers leave feeling 100% satisfied. So let the dent take the ding out of your pocketbook and shop with us for your next appliance! 

-Pam & Tammara

Tammara Stimpert Schons & Pam Cooreman from Wheels and Heels in Tracy MN

Tammara Stimpert Schons & Pam Cooreman, Co-Owners

Scott Johnson

Store Manager

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